Welcome to XLoutdoor

We provide gigantic sites for advertising in the middle of the city and along heavy traffic routes in over 30 cities of Sweden.

In addition to that, we offer sites in:

  • Shopping malls
  • Along railroads
  • Harbours (during the summer)


We can help you with a campaign that will reach your target group. If none of our sites will do the fit, we´ll be glad to help you with setting up a new costumized location.

We offer advertsing with big banners or via large outdoor projection on facades and scaffolds so that your message will come through!


We look forward to help you with a successful campaign.

Welcome to take a look at the Swedish sites in our gallery.

You´ll also find our locations here.


For sites in Denmark, Norway and Finland, please send us an email or give us a call -we look forward to take care of your request.



Malin Johansson

Cell phone: 0046 768 207050

Email: malin.johansson@xloutdoor.se


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